Lecturer serenades class with Justin Bieber parody


If there was ever a need to have an interesting lecturer to pass the time for a boring class, taking Excel is probably one of those classes.

According to an article posted on USAToday College, a lecturer in the University of Texas sang to his class during the last session of the semester. The class sat calmly as the teacher shared his love for the Microsoft software and its importance when job hunting.

The hilarious, yet special parody had the class fully entertained. The efforts of Mr Clint Tuttle even had him gain special mention from Microsoft Excel on Twitter.

Watch the video of  lecturer Mr Clint Tuttle and his special performance .

Moreover, it seems this is not the first time Clint Tuttle has broken out into song in class. Here is another of his previous videos where he enlisted the help of his students and lecturers.




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