Last Minute Gifts For Him


Women are notorious for being demanding and fully enthralled by the frills of Valentines. On the other hand, men seem more relaxed on the day, hardly expecting anything. Though Valentines has been highly commercialized, the day celebrating love can be more meaningful with thoughtful gifts.


Here is a list that shun the cliche wallet, neck tie gifts men receive and look at alternative gifts:


1.A Male Grooming Kit

Kenyan brand Mandevu Beard Care has great products for the Kenyan man who likes to tame his mane. Whether his aspires to join the beard gang or is already a permanent member, a male grooming kit says you care how he looks and enjoy pampering him.


2.A Good Book

In Spain, lovers exchange books so why not take up that tradition? Whether the man in your life enjoys a good fictional read or loves being reminiscing in autobiographies of global icons, a good book is not only a non-seasonal gift but one that shows you relish the fact that your man is intelligence.


3.A Night Out With The Boys

As a couple, most days are spent together with little time sectioned off to spend with friends. Giving your significant other time to spend with friends and enjoy a game of football or rugby is a great way for them to catch up with friends and unwind. Organize something special with his friends so he enjoys the experience and remains memorable to him.


4. A Love Letter

Love is not about the materialistic ideals attached to it. A love letter, expressing your feels towards the man in your life could be more important that anything money can buy. For those who have been in a relationship for a while, reaffirming the relationship with a letter is a great way to rekindle the love.





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