Lady Gaga: There’s a price to stardom


Lady Gaga thinks there is “a price to stardom”.

The chart-topping icon – who stars as an unknown singer-songwriter in the Bradley Cooper-directed ‘A Star Is Born’ – has claimed that fame and success can damage and undermine personal relationships.

Gaga, 32 – who was previously engaged to actor Taylor Kinney – explained: “Success tests relationships. It tests families. It tests your dynamic with your friends. There is a price to stardom.”

However, Gaga admitted that her heartbreak has also served as a source of inspiration. She told Elle magazine: “I can’t make music or act without using and accessing the pain that I have in my heart. I mean, what better place to put it? Otherwise, it’s of no good use.”

In fact, Gaga revealed she relied on a lot of her personal experiences for her performance in ‘A Star Is Born’. She said: “For me, in music and in acting, I’m always pulling from my past experiences, family dynamics, relationships, pain, happiness, joy, the roller coaster ride of my life – how that has kind of created this beautiful disco ball that’s somehow refracted and fractured.”

Meanwhile, Shangela – who stars alongside Gaga in the new movie – recently revealed that the duo shared makeup tips while they were shooting the film. The American drag queen said: “One thing that Gaga taught me was less about makeup and more about how to be just natural through the make-up – really allow your talent to shine through, no matter what you’re doing. “So, that’s one thing I picked up from her.”

And Shangela, 36, was happy to return the favor for Gaga. She shared: “Now, from me to her, I’m like, ‘Oh sister! Let’s get a little extra highlight over here on the side’ – because you know I like to pop that cheek out.”



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