Ladies: 5 reasons to go on a man fast


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A man fast is an unusual practice where women purposefully stay away from dating. It can be because of a hurtful experience or just a time to find the right person. It is a time of reflection and deep self-assessment to evaluate one’s life and the place of relationships in one’s life. Here are the top five reasons ladies go on a man-fast.

1. Spiritual awakening

One popular reason most women do a man fast is to reconnect spiritually with God. Time away from the dating scene can be invaluable when rediscovering one’s priorities.  It is a time to unearth what God’s plan for your life truly is and how to align it to what you see yourself doing.

2. Self exploration

Time away from relationships with members of the opposite sex can help clear your head. Furthermore, it can help establish what traits and qualities you search for in a mate.  If done properly, the alone-time can help you clarify your life goals and plan. This often comes after a journey of self-discovery and a defining period of who you really are. The ‘man fast’ is not to be confused with the popular single-but-ready-to-mingle phase. In fact it is quite the contrary. You are single by choice, for a period of time, so that you learn more about yourself and what kind of relationship you want in future.

3. Healing

One of the most frequent reasons that ladies go on a man fast is because they require time to heal from a painful break-up. It is advisable that after a relationship, some time to heal before jumping back into the dating pool is essential.  To find healing and evaluate what went wrong in the previous relationship is vital to personal growth. You don’t want to bring your past issues into a new relationship.

4. Time to pursue dreams

When single, it is much easier to be single-minded and have tunnel-focus. During the ‘man fast’, it is much easier to pursue your dreams seeing you don’t have many distractions. To actively pursue your dreams with reckless abandon and actually achieve them can bring joy and a level of satisfaction that nothing else can. It can strengthen you and provide a sense of pride which is a great boost after a bad breakup as you begin the process of building yourself up again.

5. Eliminating jokers

Although this is not the ideal motivation, giving yourself a break from the dating scene will ensure only ‘serious contenders’ are in the race for your heart. Saying no to all guys who come your way means your value keeps going up. Only the persistence and patient guy will win your heart at the end of your fast.



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