Kylie Jenner Emotional & Excited Over New Niece Dream


Kylie Jenner admits she gets emotional when she sees pictures of her brother Rob Kardashian with his daughter Dream.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star admits getting a little teary eyed when she sees new pictures of her sibling and his little girl. She told E! News: “The photos with Rob and his daughter literally make me want to cry.
“All the photos make me want to cry – the family photos, the photos of just her, but it’s really sweet. She’s so cute.” And it was not only Kylie who was emotional, Rob’s mother Kris Jenner was too.

Kris Jenner admitted previously: “It’s always so exciting when your baby has a baby so it was really great. It’s really emotional. Like you can’t believe that this is happening. To see a baby being born and in my case, I’ve been there for six of my grandchildren’s births so it’s quite something. “Dream’s such a great baby though. She’s been really calm and really sweet so they are very lucky.” The 61-year-old momager also praised Rob for being such a “nurturing” father and was impressed with how well Rob’s fianc√© Blac Chyna handled the birth.

Mrs. Jenner shared: “The baby is so fabulous. He’s so nurturing, and he’s such a care giver and such a sweet man. It’s really been such a joy to watch him go through this …

“It was Chyna and her girlfriends who said, ‘let’s do this [mannequin challenge],’ and I thought that was such a great distraction. I was always so nervous in the delivery room, so I gave her a lot of credit because she was so excited and nervous but still wanted to do something to make everybody laugh!”



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