KU’s Fleksy seeks to dominate Kenya’s gospel music industry


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KU gospel artiste Fleksy Kimulwo is currently riding high in Kenya’s gospel scene.  His hit ‘IchameNg’o’ and ‘I am nothing’ are currently receiving considerable airplay. The fourth year Economics and Statistics student at Kenyatta University thanks God for his musical talent and the ability to balance books and music.

Fleksy discovered his singing talent while still in primary school but only got to sharpen his skills while at Moi High School, Kabarak. He joined an Acapella Boys group called Organized Voices of Praise (OVOP) at Kabarak. It’s through the group that he realized he had what it takes to make it as a gospel artiste.


“I accepted Christ into my life back in 2003 and I have never looked back. As I say in my songs, I am nothing without Jesus, Jesus is everything in my life and he has given me countless blessings. I’m so happy and grateful and nothing can ever change that.”

Fleksy says one of the major challenges to get his musical career up has been capital to record songs. However, all that is changing as his songs get more airplay. He is growing and getting more recognition. Though with the celebrity status come along false friends. “Friends who are nice when with you but traitors while away.” But a forgiving heart is part of him.


He derives inspiration from gospel artistes such as Emmy Kosgei and Rose Muhando. Fleksy seeks to inspire all, to come up with songs that both young people and old people will sing to.


“The Kenyan Gospel industry has come a long way. It has experienced tremendous growth and all this is due to the extra effort that guys are putting in. The gospel revolution makes me happy. I hope this gospel growth spreads to the whole of Africa.

Apart from music, Fleksy has been taking part in Youth empowerment programs. He has visited various schools in Rift Valley to inspire young people and educate them on how to be better individuals in life.  This is something he has enjoyed a lot as it has made him feel like a missionary. He seeks to come up with numerous other projects that empower youth. He also aims to keep doing what he does best – music. And he says he is only getting started



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