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KU’s female DJ comfortably mixing Econ and music sets


Winnie is not your typical Economics and statistics student at Kenyatta University. The 21 year old is also a DJ, breaking into the upper-end live TV show segment, at a relatively young age. DJ 21, as she commonly known, is the disc jockey behind the Angaza show that airs on KBC every Saturday from 11-1am. Well, apart from DJ Johnny Celeb of the K-Krew family, Kenyatta University has another upcoming Dj up its sleeves making inroads in the male-dominated industry. Carolyne Kiambo caught up with the bubbly Econ student.


Who is Winnie Wangui?

Winnie is the first born of three children, a gospel deejay and a third year student at Kenyatta University. Winnie is a firm believer of Jesus and I believe she tries to live the best way she can, so that she can have a positive impact on society.


Ok, so am I speaking to Winnie or to Dj 21?

(Giggling) Well, there is no major difference between DJ 21 and Winnie, zote ni mimi (I am one and the same).


Speaking of DJ 21, why the name 21?

Well, that is a long story, but the brief of it is that 21 is derived from my nickname KO-E which emanates from the word Wangui. Now people have to grab a pen and paper for this, (I think she is joking, but wait, she literally grabs a pen and paper from her sling bag and starts to scribble down the explanation) Taking the letter {a} to be {1} and {z} to be { 26}  then my name would  be  [11+15-5=21] …(she looks up from what she is scribbling and she sees my blank face and giggles) I love mathematics!


Wow, now let’s get back to what everybody understands; describe your journey as a Deejay.

My journey has been interesting with lots of ups and downs. I started 3 years ago as a student at the   Spinrej deejaying academy. After my course work, they took me in as part of their crew. My first time to dj was at Jesus night; which used to be a monthly concert held at the Nairobi cinema, and I was so excited to finally deejay for someone apart from my teachers. I now I dj at concerts, weddings, high schools and university gigs.

I was also on radio, for about two years. I was on HopeFM on a show known as plug-in show that airs every Saturday night. Currently I am on TV, doing a show known as Angaza on KBC every Saturday from 11am to 1pm. I owe my DeeJay journey to God and to my family Dj, Nevs, Dj Covenant and Dj Altar. They are the ones who made me who I am today.


How exactly are you planning to merge you career as a dj and what you are currently pursuing in K.U? 

Well, at school am enrolled on an Economics and Statistics degree. I admit the two are very divergent but I love them both. I wouldn’t trade any of them, but fortunately or unfortunately there isn’t a specific merging point. I simply plan my time, when it is class time, I go to class, when it is time for a gig, I go for the gig. The secret is balance, and know your priorities. Always remember that it is time for school, never compromise on that. Sacrifices have to be made at times.


Define your style

(chuckling) I am a good Dj. My style and how I DJ depends on the event. I put the needs of my audience first, but to answer your question, my favorite genre is hip hop.


Which female dj do you look up to?

(Pensively) Mmmmh, I honestly don’t have a female Deejay I look up to because they are very few and not really exposed to the public. But I have mad respect for all the female djs.


Future plans for Dj21

I hope to set up a DJ School and mentor young talent just as Dj Nevs and my family (crew) have done to me.


Well, I never leave an interview without a word of advice; I might just decide to be a dj! You never know.

If you have the passion; keep moving and you will surely make it.


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