KU’s Stitch on balancing acting in Machachari and singing



Many people know you as the hilarious Birb G in Machachari and also the artiste Stitch. Who is Stitch as a person?

Stitch is still on that path that leads to self-realization. I can’t really define myself at this time.

You are an actor, student and artiste all at the same time. How do you juggle your time between all that?

I always strive to push myself beyond my limits and I believe we should all do that.

Why do people call you Stitch? Is that your real name?

Stitch is my real name. ‘Duncan Wafula’ is the name I was ‘given’ by my parents when I was younger. But in high school, I used to have frequent stiches while playing Basketball so I became the stitches guy and now I’m Stitch.

So how has the experience been so far? Playing an important role in Citizen’s TV’s ‘Machachari’?

First, I’m grateful that it has expanded me to a wider audience which also comes with its own setbacks. As an actor, I have expanded my fan base to a wider scope, which means greater challenges because I have to meet their expectations. So I work harder than before. Setbacks include too much attention. I can’t walk around freely like I used to without being noticed or stared at. One good thing about it is that it’s easy to influence people. I’m making hundreds of new friends. The experience has changed me as a person too. I’m now gunning for bigger things in life

Has your acting career boasted your music?

I really haven’t marketed my music much as I have done to my acting. One step at time but yes, it’s definitely a boost

So that the ladies know, are you taken or it depends on who’s interested?

‘Taken’ is a big word. Hehe. I prefer ‘seeing someone’. Yes I’m seeing someone

Oh…ok Seeing someone it is. Is there some place or someone you draw your inspiration from?

Yurp! I watch a lot of movies especially comedy where I get my inspiration from. I also induce self-inspiration from deep thinking and day dreaming. Friends also inspire me

Any parting words to fans and friends?

For other artists out there, DARE TO DREAM and never lose faith. It’s only you who has the power to build yourself

All the best Stitch. We expect even greater things from you

Thank you. Great things are a part of me!


Catch Stitch as ‘Birb G’ every Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm in Machachari on CITIZEN TV. A promising actor and a third year Theatre Arts and Film Technology student at Kenyatta University. Follow him @stitch_blaze on twitter



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