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KU to host International Conference on Education and Technology



Starting from 10th-12th July 2013 Kenyatta University will host a Unique international conference on education that has been co-sponsored by Syracuse University, USA. According to Dr Inviolata Sore, Project Administrator of Higher Education Development (HED), KU, the conference- which is the first of its kind in Kenya- will have guests from as far as USA, South Africa, China and UK among other countries

“At the conference, we will be seeking to come up with resolutions on how best technology can be intertwined with learning and teaching for the benefit of education Africa and the world at large,“ said Dr. Sore. Applicants from Africa will pay $60 dollars while international guests will pay $120 dollars

The theme of the conference is Technology, Teaching and Learning: Theory Practice. And it will be hosted at the Kenyatta University Conference Centre (KUCC).

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