KU student nurtures music passion to a flourishing career


peter nyabuto

Back in the days, pursuing a professional career outside what parents considered ‘serious’ courses like medicine, engineering or law was met with resistance. So much talent was lost because most students were huddled in the few courses that were available then. But that has changed.


Peter Nyabuto, a Bachelor of Music student at Kenyatta University (KU), is making a name for himself as an accomplished musician and pursuing his passion as a professional. The idea of taking music bug bit him while he was a student at Nairobi School.


He began playing the saxophone at Nairobi school, an instrument he chose because it had an “aura that he found irresistible”. Peter planned on being a saxophonist but in a bid to spruce his talent and get an edge, he decided to take on singing as well. He joined Sauti Academy to develop his singing ability and also learn more on the music industry.


He has had a few accomplishments in his relatively short career; a fact he attributes to God, determination and focus.


“I have been lucky to curtain raise to Harry Kimani and also win a trip to South Africa for my performance in a competition,” says the self-effacing Peter.

playing the sax

Peter is glad that his family had no objection to his decision to pursue music.

“Maybe it’s because I started earning from music immediately after high school, though my mum still subtly suggests that I can enroll in evening law classes,” He adds.


He has bought his equipment and gets his upkeep money from teaching music, solo performances and also singing with the famous Kenyan Boys’ Choir. His take on the Kenyan music scene is that there has been notable improvement.

“Artists are investing a lot in their art and thus the standards are improving”


Peter’s word of advice for those who wish to make a career out of what they love is “Do what makes you happy, otherwise what is the essence of living?”

He also wishes to see upcoming musicians focusing on quality of their output and ensuring they are professional. “This will guarantee that they will reap from music.”

 Nyabuto band

If you want to sample his music, you could find about his performances from his facebook page, ‘Peter Nyabuto Music’ or follow him on twitter( @PeterNyabuto). He has not recorded his music yet. You can catch one of his performances this Saturday at BOGOF at the Hilton.



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