KU student dies in unclear circumstances after night out


Kenyatta University

We are sad to report the passing on of Moreen Chepkemei Kakuko, a first year student at Kenyatta University. The late Moreen was confirmed dead upon arrival at the University’s Health Unit. A message form Kenyatta University KUSA president Lone Felix read:

“Today is again another very sad morning. At around 6:00 in the Morning our colleague, Moreen Chepkeme Kakuko, a first year Student was confirmed dead upon arrival at the Health Unit. Moreen went out yesterday evening with three friends. She was picked at Ruiru Campus, where she stays. The three were in company of one other person known to them. They spent the night at Club Leos Thika, and at around 2 Moreen Started complaining of a headache. The Fourth Person, who we now have details on offered to go and give Moreen pain killers that were in his vehicle, the two left and were away for an hour.
At around 3 the remaining friends called the other man who was driving them to come and pick them and drop them back to school. At this point, the three friends say, they found Moreen Strapped with safety belt on the front passenger seat. They drove from Thika to Ruiru and tried to take Moreen back to her room. She was unconscious and cold. Since the room is upstairs, they say they decided to come with her to the main Campus. They drove into the Campus at around 4 AM and took her to one of their rooms in Longonot Hostels. However at around 5, they reported to the health unit to request for an ambulance. The ambulance went and picked Moreen, but upon arrival at the Health Unit she was determined by the doctor to have passed on.
This Morning, I have met with the Vice Chancellor over the matter, and we have informed the County Police Commander Mr. Kibui. The police have proceeded to go and arrest the man who was with Moreen for the one hour period to explain what happened. This incident is truly saddening. In the meantime all the three friends are helping with investigations and upon arrival of family Members we will proceed to determine the actual cause of death of Moreen through Autopsy.”

We hope that the real cause of Moreen’s death will be established. Our condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of the late Moreen.At the same time, we urge students to be extra careful during nights out and take care of each other.



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