KU app developers aim to transform education information



Two Kenyatta Uni Computer engineering students have developed a mobile app that provides education information. Unisoft is a product of John Muiruri and Muriithi Wachira, who came together to form Appframe developers – a tech start-up with its base at KU hostels.


“Unisoft is a one-stop mobile application that provides academic information about universities, colleges and polytechnics that are recognized and approved across Kenya and the courses they offer,” says Muiruri


“You do not have to move up and down collecting pamphlets and enquiring about institutions that you are willing to join or courses that you wish to enroll in. Unisoft does that for you.”


Apart from providing information about the courses being offered in these institutions, Unisoft will also deliver a brief description of the course, its duration and details of career prospects which greatly enhances students’ ability to make informed decisions on career paths to follow and skills to acquire


According to the two, Unisoft – there first creation- is a one-stop shop where a student or scholar gets all the information he/she needs in regard to a higher learning institution or a particular program.


It provides add-on information on cut-off points for enrollment to various degree programs in different universities, intake dates, general entry requirements, tentative fee structures of every institution, links to websites of all online institutions and also providing local and international news feeds on Educational, Entertainment e.t.c.


Wachira explains that after downloading the app, a user creates an account and adds details to his/her profile.


“By use of a search dialogue box, Unisoft displays the cut-off points of enrolling in degree programs in different universities and other details. This equips student with remarkable base knowledge that helps them make smart decisions on which courses to major in, as they can compare the required cut-off points with their current performance.”


Away from the academic information, Unisoft provides a list of campuses that each institution has through GPS and Google maps. Using the feature, users can view the exact location of the main institutions across Kenya.


The two young ‘techpreneurs’, through their AppFrame Developers hope to foster their techpreneurial skills and also employ other developers who are willing to venture in mobile technology.


Though most of their critics dismiss Unisoft as a good innovation with no tangible benefits, Wachira laughs them off.


“In an age where time is akin to success, anything that saves you time, money and energy by making work easier is definitely a relief to many,” He says.


Other challenges they faced include lack of funds to market their work, low traffic on their website and lack of support from the Government and other authorities.


They however foresee a bright future ahead with one of them citing they newly established Chandaria Business incubation Centre at Kenyatta University as a good thing towards harnessing and encouraging creativity in young people.


The app is already in the market and you can download Unisoft from the android market, Ovistore and Get jar app store. It is also available on their website, appframedevelelopers.com





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