KOT Reacts To The Reunion of Nairobi Diaries


The 7th season of Kenya’s most popular reality show is back.

The Nairobi Diaries returned to screens to the delight of fans.  But unfortunately it seems Twitter was not ready for the ratchet cast and misspoken English the crew of 8 had to offer. A few hours after the first episode aired, Kenyans went on to react online with many disappointment at the characters on the show.

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions of the inaugural of Nairobi Diaries Season 8. KOT tore apart various characters with some clever Tweets:

KOT tore apart various characters with some clever Tweets:

Speaking about Luwi chronical his recovery after a tragic accident:


KOT had high suspicions of the newest cast member Sabrina:

In the debut episode, Sasha wowed the audience with a memorable performance and of course, KOT had something to say:


Watch the full episode online to get the full details of the show that has tongues wagging all over Nairobi.



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