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In traditional African societies, there was never a battle for the king’s throne. Because that was a preserve of a lineage that had been selected by the gods to have the kingship blood flowing through their veins.

Ruling over the mortals and the masses was normal and their god given birth right.
In Kenya’s hip hop scene, leading rappers have decided to defy the traditional African norm. Turning guns against each other, the rappers have started to scramble for the throne.

While Juliani was the one who decided to throw the first jab, Khaligraph Jones didn’t respond much to the war cry that was being ululated in Kenya’s online scene. At around 2 PM Kenyan time yesterday, he responded through a facebook post where he warned rappers that at 3 PM exactly, he will teach them a lesson.

And he kept his word. Known to reap the Mic apart as he spits fire like a fat Chinese dragon, Khaligraph Jones released the first diss track that was meant to literally silence other wannabe kings in their imaginary kingdom. But pundits have said that the ‘beef’ looks like a well calculated ploy by Juliani to revive his career or to bring himself back to the scene.

If that is true, we are yet to see the results. As we wait for a response from Octopizzo, Juliani and King kaka, we want your feedback. Who is the king of rap in Kenya? Who runs +254?

Give us some of your best lines in the diss track that Khaligraph released yesterday. ‘Me na Mic ni kama Uhuru na Waiguru,’ is my favorite line. Diss tracks have always spiced the hip hop culture in Kenya.

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