Kimathi Uni students participate in golf tourney in aid of Nyeri hospice

Kimathi University students Brian and Simon after the golf tourney
Kimathi University students Brian and Simon after the golf tourney

It is a fine Saturday morning. The sun is shining bright at the heart of central Kenya. We are at Nyeri golf club where Nyeri hospice – a charitable organization – is raising funds to support cancer patients as well as the terminally ill.

I bump into two young men who look a bit out of place considering the golf cub is littered with corporate types from 30 different companies that have co-sponsored the event. Today, Brian Karani is taking photos of the event. You will find him taking different angles of shots from the golfers teeing off.

“I am part of The Street 10100 Project and today am just doing photos for the hospice as a way to give back to society through what I can do,” says Brian, as he takes another shot

Simon Kaire, Brian’s school mate at Kimathi University, is a cuddy today, a role he has never played. Dressed the part with a golf bag, he keenly watches other caddies and golfers in an effort to learn ‘on the job’.

“I was also doing photography but decided to be a cuddy. It was tough at first and especially understanding the projectile of the ball and the different clubs used by golfers,” He responds smiling.

Brian and Simon are telecommunications engineering and Geospatial information systems students at the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology.

Brian is a 22 year old interested in making the world better than he found it. Besides studies, he co-runs Axdit, a computer networking Solutions Company.

Simon Kaire accompanies one of the golfers
Simon Kaire accompanies one of the golfers

“We started out company last year May and although we currently run it mostly on weekends and holidays, we seek to be the next grand talk of the IT world,” says Simon full of optimism.

The two however are a part of The Street 10100 project – an initiative that seeks to mentor young people as well as give back to society.

The Street 10100 Project is a platform under The Zawadi Society, a community self-help initiative aimed at building social capital through bringing community members together through leisure, personal development, group development and charity activities.

It is a forum for artists, sport/photo enthusiasts in Nyeri, who have come together to enjoy, share and learn more about different arts and sports. It incorporates amateurs, professionals and students.

Simon Kaire, a martial art practitioner, likes to travel and embodies this dream to the core.

“I like to travel and share life. You can find me in random places… Mathare, Thika, Huruma or wherever.”

By traveling, he occasionally comes across social situations that ‘call out to him’ as he puts it.

“As a family, we help in driving kids off the streets. ‘Kuwaonyesha Kuna’ hope. I want to leave a legacy where at least ‘mtoi atasema nili-mmentor.”

“In the next six months, I want to fully run my company,” says an enthusiastic Brian.

Golfers socializing at the Nyeri hospice charity golf tournament

Simon also sees himself running a company providing Geo-spatial information systems and other businesses. In the long-term, he hopes to establish an orphanage to support the less fortunate.

“I want to see them live a better life because they deserve it. I see the day to day struggles through my travels, but I also see the potential,” says Simon.



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