Kim Kardashian West has the last laugh on Taylor Swift


After a media frenzy painting Kanye West as the villain, his loyal wife Kim Kardashian West saw it fit to expose the truth of the matter in regards to the song “Famous.”  In the controversial lyrics of the song Kanye sings ” feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.”

Although the song was not the only controversy that has plagued the two celebrities in the recent past, Taylor Swift’s denial of song and the consent she gave to it’s lyrics backfired in her face.  Kim released a Snapchat video which revealed the details of the conversations between the two celebrities before the release of the song.In an attempt to save face, Blank Space singer went to Twitter to defend herself.In the video, Kanye kindly asks for Taylor’s approval; which she graciously gives. The friendly exchange between the two has Kanye looking like a saint and paints Taylor as a sketchy character.





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