Kiharu MP Elect Shares Lessons Learnt While In College Leadership


Ndindi Nyoro the newly elected Member of Parliament for Kiharu Constituency is not a novice at the games of politics. Nyoro sat down with Capital Campus to share the pivotal points of his college political career. Kicking off his political career as a student leader in Kenyatta University, the K.U alumni shares how he gained the trust of his comrades during his tenure in student politics.

Quick to make a difference in the institution, Nyoro joined campus and in his first year was elected Chairman of the Kenyatta University Economics Students Association (KUESA). Then an Economics major, the young Nyoro was known for a reputation that preceded him. Strong, outspoken and focused on the student’s welfare it was not long before his name was among those in the students association central figures. As a second-year student, he found himself seated in the University’s Senate speaking on all matters academics on behalf of the students who elected him.

The 32-year-old recently shared his experience in university leadership and how it molded his leadership skills today. Watch the full interview below to learn how this one-time student leader made his way to the August House.




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