Khaligraph Jones vs Eric Omondi: Who Is Playing Who?


Star Comedian Eric Omondi and master lyricist Khaligraph Jones have played the Kenyan public.

On the week of the 23rd of September Khaligraph took to social media to respond to allegations by Eric Omondi that older women support his rapper lifestyle. From then on, the duo has had a very public exchange that has had many questioning if the whole “beef” was choreographed.


Indeed, it was a publicity stunt.

The two Kenyan celebrities were simply taking on creative liberties to promote a new app “Olla.” Speaking to Capital Campus, Eric Omondi shared that the two are actually friends and harbor no hard feelings for each other. Speaking about the publicity stunt he said, “we are both artists, we’re both creative and in this industry, one must stand out…we did not want to just tell people to download Olla. ”

Khaligraph who recently released the track “Nataka iyo doh” has been quiet busy with the weeklong beef that dominated local discussions on talk shows including Ebru’s Let’s Talk. Though fans have finally caught on that the “beef” was far from enmity between some of Kenya’s best talent, it seems more have now sat back to see how creative the duo can get.




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