Khaligraph Jones Spits Fire !


Reworking the Mobb Deep track “Hell On Earth,” Khaligraph Jones just proved why he is one of the best in Kenya. In a collaboration with his girlfriend Cashy whom he presented to the Kenyan public, Khaligraph and Cashy make quite a dynamic duo on the mic.

Known for his ego, Khaligraph Jones released his new track within the first week of November. The song is full of bars, filled with relevant topics that make the rap reflective of Kenya’s current state. With weighty subject matter on the track, Khaligraph does not shy away from giving his two cents on politics, the music industry and the importance of a ‘ride or die chic.” The beat rides heavy and the lyrics keep up with the beat that is synonymous with the 90s. Truthful, clear and playful, Khaligraph could teach a course on handling a beat as he does it with ease on this particular track.

Papa Jones’ other half, Cashy handles herself well when pitted against a heavyweight like Khaligraph. The bridge “Micasa Sucasa” Spanish for my house is your house could have anyone bobbing their heading as the beat hits hard. The creative play on words encourages all to be open to all, no matter their background. The catchy bridge ignites pride in any Kenyan as various areas are mentioned as they sing “Nakuru, Naivasha, Kisumu, Mombasa…Buru, Kayole, West Madaraka…” This track has definitely put Khaligraph ahead of the pack as he showcases his sick level of skill.  Already making waves on the continent, the new track has already featured on MTV Base East.



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