Kevin Hart vs Diamond Platinumz Who Made The Better Apology?


This week was full of apologies.

Kevin Darnell Hart, the comedic star came forward to respond to cheating allegations that surfaced on Twitter on the 18th of September. The father of 3 released a public statement speaking on the matter on his Instagram account. As the matter continues to occupy public discourse, the “Think Like A Man” star is in the middle of a legal battle as the search for the individuals involved for extortionist threats are still yet to be found. Unfortunately for the millionaire, his ex-wife Torrei Hart came out in an interview revealing that their marriage ended because of Kevin’s infidelity. It seems that although the worst is yet to come with the extortionist still at large, his current wife Eniko still supports stand-up comedian.

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Bongo star Diamond Platinumz has also fallen victim to public embarrassment after his personal life came under public scrutiny. Known for tracks like “Marry You” and “Salome,” Naseeb Abdul Juma is known as the King of Bongo Flava. Unfortunately, even the king can fall, and fall he did. Going on Tanzanian radio Cloud FM to publicly admit to the cheating rumors. He publicly declared that indeed he had been involved with Tanzanian beauty Hamisa Mobetto. It seems the 2-hour long interview did not do well to support his campaign to seek forgiveness from his wife, Zari Hassan. She fired back taking to social media to air her side of the story. According to SDE, she said  “Haha you are playing yourself, the lies you tell about me knowing about your side chic. Try and fix your mess and stop with the lies. Me being quiet doesn’t mean I am stupid. Be very careful with your words.” Needless to say, Platinumz was quick to respond with a tweet that a lyric from his latest release. It seems the duo of Platinumz and Zari may be be facing troublesome times ahead, atleast for the forseeable future.

But even after Twitter continues to watch and comment on their lives, the question remains who did it better?



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