Kevin Hart “Chocolate Droppa” Battles Grammy Winner Lil Wayne

Featured in the BET Cypher session, multi-award winning Lil Wayne went head to head with newbie Chocolate Droppa aka Kevin Hart. The alter-ego of international funny man Kevin Hart is a hardened thug and rapper from “The Hood”. The character has given Kevin Hart lots of attention online even shocking some at the rhymes and lyrical flow lacking in the said “talented artist.” Mr Hart still managed to captivate an audience with the alter-ego and keeping many laughing with his various performances. The dynamic between the two performers is hard to deny in the promo video.

Taping the promotional video for BET’s Hip Hop Awards 2016, Kevin Hart also known as Chocolate Droppa holds his own against the award winning Lil Wayne. The performance that went viral continues to entertain audiences world wide ahead of the release of Kevin Hart’s new comedy tour “What Now?” and Lil Wanye’s new book “Gone Till November”  a memoir on his time in prison. The session was full of interesting rhymes and it seemed that Chocolate Droppa could battle with the best of them.

Ivy Mang'eli :Ivy Mang'eli is a graduate of Daystar University. She is passionate about youth affairs and social development