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#KenyattaUniversity has a gate. That’s the top trending topic. Find X


KU kenyatta Gate

Kenyatta University’s new-ish gate is currently the hottest topic on twitter. We are not sure why an institution of KU’s level having a gate is big news, but apparently it is flashy and ‘magnificent’. The main KU gate has been in place for a while now so it’s not clear why it’s a topic of discussion.

But like every topic on social media, #KenyattaUniversity has split the critics (haters) and supporters (fanatics) right in the middle. To be fair to KU, the gate is just one of the many infrastructure projects the out-going VC has commissioned.


In fact, it is not even a major project compared to other structures in the campus. But trust critics to bring out the ‘worst’ of KU. It is believed @ItsMutai that started the trend with a photo of the gate.


But, seriously, why should a gate make it top of the TT? Yes, very trivial matters have trended before, but help us understand why a gate should be news.


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