Kenyatta University to host Fracophonie International Day


Journée de la francophonieThe Francophonie International Day will be marked on the 22nd of March at Kenyatta University. This is part of the Francophonie Fortnight which has been running from the 14th of March and ends on the 29th. The Francophonie Fortnight is organized by The Comité Permanent de la Francophonie (CPF), in association with the Kenyan Association of Teachers of French (KATF), the Linguistic Bureau of the French Embassy and the Francophone Embassies in Kenya.

During this fortnight, various cultural events take place simultaneously in different parts of the country. The Alliance Francaise, for instance, has been screening films and showing plays. Seminars, cocktails, cultural activities as well as sporting activities form part of the Francophonie Fortnight.

The Francophonie International Day is famed for attracting more than two thousand Kenyan students from all over the country annually. This year, the Highlight Day will happen at Kenyatta University, Bishop Square on Sunday 22nd of March 2015.

Francophonie International Day will see students from about 50 schools in Kenya present their performances in French language while various francophone countries will display their stands showcasing their countries’ cultures.

On the day, renowned French schools such as Science Po (Paris) will be pitching their tents to introduce their courses to Kenyan students. French stands as the first foreign language to be taught in Kenyan high schools and no doubt provides a good opportunity to go and study abroad, or even to do business with francophone countries.

The event will feature Burundian drummers, Malagasy dances among other diverse cultural activities which will take place together. There will also be tons of gifts to be won by those in attendance.

If in need for more convincing to attend the event, here is something that will do the trick:

Entrance to the event is free!



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