Kenyatta University Duo Sing To Bring Souls To Redemption


Capital Campus had an opportunity to interview an upcoming gospel music duo, Gibson Lewa and Jay Poetree, two 3rd year Kenyatta University students with a deep love of music and contemporary art.

CC: Your song is called ‘Zaidi’. What’s the message behind it?
GJ: Zaidi is a gospel song about us getting to know more about God. As you know the word ‘zaidi’ means more.

CC: How did you two meet?
GJ: I was playing, well practicing how to play, piano when Jay came into the music room at Kenyatta University-Main Campus. He had come to practice too, so that’s how we started conversing. I knew from that moment he was the right guy for a collabo.

CC: Many young upcoming musicians have attended training at music academies. Have you been to any music school?
GJ: (Chuckles) No. We usually practice on our own, from playing guitar to vocals. Another platform that has helped us a lot is YouTube.

CC: Why did the two of you opt for modern gospel music?
GJ: We are born again, and that holds the foundation of the message we wish to put out there to the world.

CC: Who inspires you most on a daily basis in your art?
GJ: Mike Manoa, here in Kenya. He’s a good gospel singer. Outside Kenya, I get inspired by Daniel Johnsons’ work. His music is awesome.

CC: Where do you see your career in the next 5 years?
GJ: We can say it’s a journey. I’m embarking on inspiring other souls, considering the kind of society we live in right now. We wouldn’t speak of winning awards, but getting more people to appreciate my art.

CC: Do you think the modern gospel musicians in Kenya have completely lost the intent behind the gospel music?
GJ: Not all of them. Some, I think, have missed singing about what the Scripture demands-the real message as Christianity would expect.

CC: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced so far in developing your career?
GJ: A number of challenges from marketing our songs, getting avenues to perform not to mention the financial needs for recording some nice HD audio.



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