Kenya’s Top Instagram Comedians


If you are looking for a laugh online, there are a few individuals who a guaranteed to make you giggle.

Here is a list of Kenya’s most popular comedians on Instagram.

1.Henry Desagu

Henry Desagu is one funny guy. True to form, he takes on the role of the common “mwananchi” facing daily struggles. The relatable talk points such as the ever-controversial team Mafisi, the Nyeri woman curse and more keep his audience engaged. Getting his start on Facebook, he draws his inspiration from real-life scenarios in Githurai. Desagu’s subject matter is among the top reasons Desagu has thousands of followers. It can be said that this funny man is truly unappreciated, because  this guy is a comical genius. He currently has 9,800 followers on Instagram.

2.DJ Shiti

A new addition to the local series Real Househelps of Kawangware, DJ Shiti has had a hard road on his path to success. Once homeless, the comedian relied on help from city prostitutes to get by. Born and raised in Mumias, Steven Oduor Dede aka DJ Shiti thought he could find success in the big city until its harsh realities changed his perception. Nevertheless, he never gave up. It took awhile, but it can be said that he is finally on his way.He currently has 67,400 followers on Instagram.

3. Seth Gor

A young man with great ambition, Seth Gor claim to fame was his parody of salt bae that quickly went viral online. A founding member of Vines of Africa,  Gor has been airing entertaining content since the launch of his social platforms with his YouTube channel The Vineyard Show gaining over 1,000 subscribers. With new gigs presenting themselves, it seems things are on the up and up for Seth Gor. He currently has 68,500 followers on Instagram.


4.Blessed Njugush

Getting his start on the Real House Helps of Kawangware, Timothy Njuguna aka Njugushu has had great success so far. After leaving the hit TV show The Real House helps of Kawangware, Njungush has grown even lending his brand as an ambassador for various products. With daily uploads on Instagram and a strong presence on YouTube, almost anything he touches turns to gold.  Recently married and with a baby on the way, it seems Njuguna is heading to bigger and better things.

Chamkufuu Mwana ha, na aki hu ha he hi ho hu – rashidi bin njuguna

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