Kenya’s Newest Show Highlights The Struggles Of Middle-Class Youth


Kenya’s middle-class youth face many issues. A far cry from the popularized grave matters of unemployment and dire situations, the Kenyan middle-class have money to spend, great jobs and independence, or so we are made to think based on Kenya’s hot new show.


In the show “Because Love” the matters of love, relationships and life in Nairobi are held up to the light highlighting a different side of life as we know it in the Kenyan metropolis. Through the lives of Vierra, a young beauty seeking to find herself after returning from a life abroad and John a strong-willed, quiet gentleman we learn that love still exists. Hinting at issues like the struggles of Kenyans relocating back home, finding a job and millennials enjoying a vibrant social life in Nairobi, the show paints Nairobi as the perfect setting for Vierra and her crew.The cast has a dynamic group of individuals including Esther Masaa Ruth, Charity Nyambura, Gitau Ngogoyo, Tony Mwangi Njanga, Pascal Tokodi, Annrita Kimiamiti and many more.


The show airing only online via their Facebook page and on YouTube is definitely worth watching. The well-produced show has created quite a buzz online and it is not difficult to see why. Watch the director’s cut of the first episode here.







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