Kenya’s Most Beautiful University Campuses


There are campuses and there are beautiful campuses. With the mushrooming universities all over the country, aesthetic may just be the defining factor that will make students choose a particular campus over another. Of course the learning environment contributes to the overall performance of students. Try concentrating on a Math derivation on a building next to a busy road and you will agree with me. Granted, beauty is subjective. No parent says their kid is ugly. So this is my list of what I think is five of the most beautiful campuses in Kenya. You can agree or disagree on the comment section.


2. KU

3. UoN

4. Strathmore



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5. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA)

At number five is CUEA in Langata, Nairobi. The expansive campus has maintained the up market Karen feel with large green spaces doted with trees. In spite of the buildings coming up in the campus, CUEA has tried to keep in harmony with the environment. The new library, which also houses the ultra-modern hall that housed the Jubilee Communication Centre during the elections, is arguably the best University library in the region. Everything is automated including borrowing and returning books. Now that’s digital. Most buildings including lecture halls have natural light minimizing on the use of too much energy for light.





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