Kenyans line up memes to welcome Obama


Welcome home President Obama.

For the past few weeks, news about Obama’s visit to Kenya for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit has reached feverish proportions.

The arrival of armored cars, helicopters, and the secret service continues to spike the interest of many as preparations in the capital creates a buzz. Although Obama has been to Kenya before as a Senator, Kenyans haven’t seen this kind of frenzy for a visiting President.

In true Kenyan spirit, Kenyans have unleashed their creative juices to welcome Obama. Twitter has been the main platform where  memes have found quick sharing. Now, if only we could turn this creativity into an enterprise! Here are some of the crazy suggestions Kenyans submitted under the #ShowObamaKenya tag started by CNN last week.

Obama meme

Githurai obama


But after a good run with the #ShowObamaKenya, CNN earned the wrath of KoT when in a news report, referred Kenya as a ‘hotbed of terror.’ Kenyans haven’t taken this label to kindly with #SomeonetellCNN quickly climbing to the top of the trending topics.



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