Kenyan YouTube vloggers could pay the taxman 30%


Kenya YouTube vloggers could now be required to pay tax.

Based on a recent post by the Ushuru a local private tax compliance certificate tax advisor, the internet personalities might be required to file their taxes providing information on their annual earnings and pay a tax amounting to 30% to the Kenyan government.

Tanzania has already put in place a similar law. According to Nairobi News, “Tanzania’s new law requires any citizen operating a blog or website to pay an annual license fee of Sh44,000.” However, the new regulations were met with opposition among Tanzania’s bloggers. Soon after the announcement of bloggers tax, “a temporary court injunction has ruled against the Tanzanian government’s legislation demanding bloggers pay a $930 fee to publish content. The blogging fee, part of sweeping internet regulations, would give the authorities unprecedented control over the internet.”

If enforced, such action would have many questioning its effects on freedom of speech and expression as well as stifling the growth of alternate industries that could provide Kenya’s youth with employment. 

So far there has been no official communication from the Kenya Revenue Authority on the matter.



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