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Kenyan youths spend billions on entertainment and airtime; study




Kenyan youth consume airtime worth Ksh. 23.6 billion while spending some Ksh. 64 billion annually on clothes and other accessories, according to a new study released by Youth Dynamix, Africa’s leading authority on youth matters.


The study further reveals that the youth consume over Ksh. 65 billion on entertainment and outings annually while up to 43 percent of youth aged between 18- 25 have registered as voters.


The study which covers Quarter 1 & 2 of 2012 was undertaken by Youth Dynamix East Africa and covers urban areas in all provinces in Kenya. The primary target for the study remains youth aged between 16 – 24 years.


Youth Dynamix is one of Africa’s leading teen, young adult & family market  research organization with more than a decade of branding and consumer experience in 14 countries across the continent including South Africa, Nigeria and East Africa.


Youth Dynamix Managing Director Ms. Ciru Ngigi who launched the study this morning said it covered the full spectrum of the youth market and was based on the 5 pillars of youth culture which are entertainment, sports, fashion, relationships and technology.


Ms. Ngigi gave the key influencers of youth culture as media & marketing, family, peers, society/environment & fashion/brands/celebrities.



According to the study, the youth market in Kenya aged 16 – 24 years has a population of approximately 7.05 million, which is 18 percent of the total population with 48 percent being male while 52 percent is female. 63 percent of these youth live in rural areas.


The study identifies the key chill zones for the youth including shopping malls, cinema halls and eateries. The current Hot spots are Galleria, Prestige plaza, Nakumatt Junction, Sarit centre, West gate, Nyali Cinemax, Nakumatt Nyali mainly for the higher LSMs and Nandos, KFC, Kenchic, Lifestyle, Sharwama, Tarbush, Olympic for the middle class.


The youth are highly aspirational. In future 39% would like to own an IPhone and 32% a Blackberry for LSM 7+. Below LSM 7 would like to own an Android or Nokia phone.


18.8 years was found to be the average age of the main internet users in Kenya with 41 percent of the youth using the internet on a daily basis.


Generally, the study concludes that urban youth highly influence and shape the trends of youth culture.


The MD said the syndicated study captures the Kenyan youth’s lifestyle mix quarter on quarter and aims to provide the market with updates on the fast-paced and changing youth lifestyles in East Africa.


“The youth consumer’s buying power is continuously growing and also influences to a great extend the spending patterns of family members. In addition they set trends that are then adopted by other demographic groups”, said the MD.


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