Kenyan Student Trumps 15,400 Entrants To Win ICT Competition


Kenya’s Charles Mutua and Morocco’s Hamza Jebbour floored over 15,400 entrants globally to win the Cisco Networking Academy’s NetRiders competition. Effectively, the two will travel to Cisco headquarters in San Jose, for a Study Trip, in January 2018. Africa entered 19 competitors in the third round of the NetRiders competition. Morocco’s Jebbour emerged top student, followed closely by Kenya’s Mutua.

Mutua is in his final year at the Kenyatta University where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. He is also a Cisco Networking Academy student where he has had loads of exposure that has prepared him for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

“My teachers at school always said I have an eye for solving problems in Mathematics and Physics and with the world today achieving scientific and technological advancements. Winning the competition has given me confidence that I can succeed in the field of Networking,” says Mutua on his NetRiders accolade.

Hamza Jebboure, winner of Cisco sponsored Netriders Competition. Image source Cisco Newsroom.

Jebbour is a 23-year-old IT Technician from Tetouan, Morocco who trained with the OFPPT Maroc- Network Engineering. This is the 3rd consecutive year where the NetRiders competition was won by an OFPPT students. “The IT world is everything for me, every day I want to learn new technologies and new features. My goal is to master Networking and System Administration area,” says Jebbour.

The NetRiders competition is part of Cisco’s CSR flagship programme, the Networking Academy (NetAcad) – launched in 1998, a global Cisco programme that offers IT skills and career building courses for learning institutions and individuals. Over 9500 NetAcademies have been created in more than 170 countries, with more than six million students trained.



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