Kenyan Startup Expands Coding Venture To Pakistan


Moringa School, a Kenyan a software developer accelerator startup will help people in Pakistan learn how to code. The program started in October and will run for 20 weeks.

The institution was founded in Nairobi in 2014 and specializes in Information Technology courses including developing mobile applications and website designing. Trainees from Moringa School have gone on to work in corporations such as Craft Silicon, Safaricom, Barclays Bank among others. Moringa School’s venture into the Pakistani market will not be it’s first international gig, working previously with Ghanaian and Hong Kong nationals.

According to Quartz, the training is a collaborative program by the government and the World Bank. This means that the typically costly coding program will be offered to learners for free. The project is taking place in the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Moringa hopes to train 30,000 youth under the age of  29. People will be chosen through an application with already 550 people sending in their applications.  Quartz reports that the mentors to handle the learners will be local for the duration of the training.

Training at Moringa School is always hands-off. It is up to the students to take responsibility for their education. “My experience at Moringa was great. I have taken a course with them and the training was intense but it paid off. Through them, my interest in information technology has really grown,” says Erik Kimani who is now a final year student at Moi University.

The success of Moringa as a startup proves that Kenyan businesses can offer the world a lot. In this age of technology, there are so many ways young Kenyans can make a lot out of.



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