Kenyan, SA students represent Africa in Google global Science Fair

Himanshi Sehgal (behind), Richa Nagda (right) and Souprani Roy (left)

Three young Kenyan students will travel to the US to compete against other students representing 90 other countries across the globe in the Google science fair. The three Kenyans, including a 16 year old South African student, will represent Africa in the annual competition that gives an opportunity to young children between 13 – 18 years to compete and enrich their scientific skills.


Himanshi Sehgal, Souprani Roy and Richa Nagda (all 14 years) submitted a project that converts tomatoes to produce electricity.


“Our project is based on usage of heat energy from the sun to heat up tomato water, whereby it produces steam and ends up in electric energy. This can be very useful as does not harm the environment and also does not require burning fuels but needs only tomatoes which are easily available,” explains Himanshi.


“In this way we wish to make good use of heat energy available to the earth by focusing it to a point where it produces high temperatures and helps to heat up the water under the metal to produce steam. In our project we wish to test the working of the component of our idea and see if this can be possible on large scale to produce even more energy.”

The three have been nominated in the 13-14 age group Science in Action Award. 15 global finalists will be announced on 27th June out of which 7 entries will win the grand prize that includes a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands with the National Geographic Expeditions and a $50,000 scholarship.


Himanshi intends to explore the world of energy and resources by studying physics, Richa intends to pursue physics and Souparni intends to study medicine. They say that winning would be very influential for them because it would help them to keep researching and studying science.


We wish the three young scientists all the best!



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