Kenyan Nuclear Science students get a curriculum boost in new program

As Kenya gears towards the possible adoption of nuclear energy, an agreement signed in Austria this March 2018 will allow students from Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa to study from a live nuclear reactor. The (IAEA)reports that students from the said countries will get online access to the facilities of a research reactor that is based in Morocco.

According to the IAEA, there are only nine reactors in Africa. These research reactors are very important to understanding the volatile workings of nuclear energy. Kenya will be among the countries that will get to access the information which will boost higher education allowing our experts in the field of nuclear science to contribute their findings.

The class will provide students with access to live transmission while in class and facilitating their participation in analyzing real-time data of the reactor. This brings in the aspect of practicality while studying. “This agreement will enhance the cooperation among African developing countries in nuclear education,” said Khalid El Mediouri who is the director of Morocco’s Nuclear Energy Center.Tanzania has already started and Kenya and South Africa will be next. The University of Nairobi offers studies in nuclear science while Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology is making plans towards it.

The IAEA is focused on increasing the global supply of nuclear education and training programmes through research reactor facilities.

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