Kenyan Awarded Royal Honors


The story of Vanessa Kingori speaks to the importance of applying patience and excellence in one’s career path, to lead to great success. Starting out in a completely different career path, Vanessa Kingori finally found her way in the publishing and client relations sector in the United Kingdom. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she has always been one to find her way through an obstacle when most would choose to avoid it altogether.

Acknowledged as the first black female publisher at the major publishing house Conde Nast, Kingori has had a sequential rise, finding her way to the top. According to We Are The City website, “Kingori studied management and sociology at the Royal Holloway University of London.” When speaking on the steady rise of her career, she shared  her mantra, “…when facing challenges try to keep a positive perspective, there is always opportunity within it. It’s important not to look at problems in the short term, as when you take a long-term view you gain more perspective and the potential for a positive gain is clear. Short-termism is a distraction. All of my professional and personal challenges, bar none, have led me to this point.”

Before joining GQ Magazine, Vanessa has also worked with Esquire Magazine as Fashion Manager and the Evening Standard ES Magazine as Acting Group Head. The elegant beauty was recently awarded her the MBE, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by the Queen of England. Speaking about the auspicious event, Vanessa shared on social media her joy and memorable moment meeting His Royal Highness Prince William at Buckingham Palace. The awards now includes the Kenyan in a prestigious list of contributors to British culture, a very high honor indeed.




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