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Kenya Poly campus night a success in spite of gate crashers


Kenya Polytechnic University held one of its biggest campus nights of its kind in recent times. The party-till-dawn marked the end of semester, a time that several universities are at their homestretch.

DJ Creme De La Crème was the main man on the decks, joined by other DJ’s and performers

“The party started at a very low note until DJ Creme took over the show,” said Pritchard Kiliswa, social affairs secretary.

The event, organized by the students union of the Kenya Polytechnic University College (SUKPUC), also aimed at encouraging interaction across faculties.

According to the officials, the turn up was the biggest they have witnessed. But the gender imbalance remained always the hitch of the day, with the dance floor full of guys compared to ladies.

But according to Kenya Poly’s female student rep, male students dominate the whole campus.

“In Poly, ladies are few. Men dominate all the courses.”

According to Kiliswa, apart from the challenge of financing the event, there were other setbacks that they could not avoid.

“A lot of outsiders invaded the event because it was free.” he said. “Others came to pickpocket and trigger violence which made us beef up our security.” Kiliswa added.

The event cost the student association Ksh152,000. But the administration chipped in some amount.

The union is now organizing a pageant under Mr and Miss Kenya Polytechnic University come September this year.


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