Kenya National Library Services drive female empowerment in tech


Kisumu KNLS training the next tech gurus.

Kenya National Library Services (KNLS) Kisumu branch is running a program aimed at empowering 15 girls with skills to develop mobile phone applications in the future. The project is run in partnership with the Goethe Institute, is set to improves the lives of many women. Goethe’s  Institute’s Ms. Elizabeth Wichenje said, “KNLS Kisumu came up with this idea to empower girls in technology and we decided to come in as partners so as to make it a reality.” The training which started in January this year will officially come to an end in September. After the training, the High School and College leavers will be expected to develop mobile applications that can help in solving various shortcomings in the community, key among them solving road congestion and proper waste management, at county level.

KNLS Kisumu branch official Mr. Moses Imbayi said that among the 15 girls, 13 are from Kisumu County, while the remaining two hail from neighboring Kakamega and Bungoma counties. Speaking about the selection process, Mr. Imbayi explained, “we started the project by advertising for traineeship positions. A total of 38 girls applied and we settled on 15.” Zuleka Abdullahi and Nasra Yusuf, who are among the 15 girls being trained, said they are happy to be part of the project.

Nasra Yusuf left with Zuleka Abdullahi right, among the 15 women in the traineeship.

Commenting why he chooses to work he choose to work with women, he said that they decided to work with girls since women are ‘ever lagging behind’ in matters to do with technology. “The broader picture is to make these girls self-employed after the training,” he added.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Peter Oliver Ochieng’.



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