Kenya – Korea cultural exchange at UoN main campus



Students at the University of Nairobi were treated to a rare Korean spectacle at the institution’s Education Building. Themed ‘I Describe Korea’ the event’s main purpose was to bridge the gap between the two nation’s diverse cultures. The occasion managed to attract hundreds of students from campuses affiliated with the UON.

On offer were exhibitions form different Korean companies like LG, Samsung, Korean Air, among others. The two mammoth tech giants displayed their latest wares like Samsung’s Smart T.V, latest microwaves, a washing machine and Core i7 state of the art laptops.


At the other end you could have been forgiven for thinking that you had arrived at a tropical beach because many students were spotting dark shades that turned out to be 3D glasses. Remember the story that had tongues wagging about an 84 inch ultra HD T.V that cost a whooping 1.8 million shillings? Well it was on display here. The academicians got to experience the latest in 3D technology for they were watching the famous Optimus Prime and Megatron of the Transformers movie franchise do their thing accompanied by a 25,000 watt LG music system that had the whole floor booming.

“This is the first time I am experiencing 3D technology. I have only heard and read about it in the media. I have already watched Transformers: Dark of the moon but seeing how bullets and guns are almost coming out of the screen to the point where you feel they are coming at you and you have this sensation as though you can touch them is a feeling out of this universe,” said Steve a 4th year B.COM student at the UON.

The climax of the event came when the adjacent lecture at the Education Building, hosted the K-pop preliminary contest. The competition entailed students to flex their muscles not literally but in the literature world. They displayed their prowess by reciting poems, dancing, singing in their respective choirs, among others. The competitors stood a chance to win Nakumatt shopping vouchers and dinner coupons which were sponsored by the UoN, Korean Embassy and Safari Park Hotel.