How Kendall Jenner’s barbie feet pose gives socialites the perfect legs


So-called Barbie feet has emerged as the latest Instagram trend.

In recent times, it’s been noted that an increasing number of people on the photo-sharing website – including celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian – have started to lift one of their heels off the ground while posing for a snap, Mirror Online reports.

The theory is that by changing the angle of the foot, the individual succeeds in making their legs look more well defined and, in turn, more attractive. Unsurprisingly, the trend has been copied by a huge number of non-celebrities who are keen to emulate their heroes. Kenyan socialites have not been left behind either. Check out Vera Sidika’s pose in atheleisure wear.

Time to get serious & work my Ass Out!!!

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