KCB picked as best employer in Africa

KCB staff
KCB staff during a past ‘back to school’ campaign where employees showed up at work with school uniform

Kenya Commercial Bank has been named as Africa’s Best Employer Brand award by the Employer Branding Institute in Africa.

Nearly 4,000 respondents were asked which company they would want to for and a majority said KCB is a brand they feel they would want to associate with as employees.

KCB Group HR Director Paul Russo said the recognition is an important milestone for the Group as it goes a long way in affirming its continued and deliberate investments in the people agenda which has now placed the Bank ahead of Africa’s biggest corporations when it comes to offering top-notch employee value proposition.

“The award sums up and recognizes all the achievements the Bank has achieved in the past year which is a confirmation of the brand’s excellence and supremacy and most befitting of our position as an industry leader” said Mr Russo.

“This is recognition of our brand’s excellence and brand supremacy and most befitting of our position as an industry leader. The various employee reform programmes we have put in place in the recent past have truly set us apart from our peers who have now have to play catch up and emulate our steadfast growth, Mr. Russo said.

Russo received the award on behalf of KCB at the second edition of the Africa Best Employer Brand Awards ceremony in Mauritius.

The annual awards recognise top organisations across Africa that have excelled in building the employer brand and have built a culture of contribution and innovation.

KCB has also been voted one of the most attractive employers of talent in Kenya by global research firm Universum in its 2015 talent research survey.



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