Kanye West runs with the Wolves


Hip Hop genius Kanye West continues to chart new paths in music. With his new collaboration for the  Balmain campaign, West hits on some deep issues. The song is heavy on the base through out the length of the song with a variation in tempo,  however the snare and electric guitar give the song a different dimension.

The song’s content draws inspiration from his life while the visuals bear images of Balmain models dressed in the latest collection with tears streaming down their face. With appearances from fashion’s top models like Alessandra Ambrosio, Jordan Barrett and Jourdan Dunn the song is not short of pretty faces in real pain. The juxtaposition of light and dark sets the tone for the music, in true Kanye-fashion  leaving everything to the interpretation of the audience.

Major themes in the song include life in the spotlight and the perception of good and bad as his newest scandal with Taylor Swift continues to be a topic of discussion. “Lost and Beat up…” Sia sings part of the song bringing her soulful, strong voice to the tune. Vic Mensa also sings in the song “Wolves”. With strong lyrics “Your eyes don’t lie you are much too good to be true” it is easy to see that themes in the song run deep.  As Kim Kardashian steps out of the shadows, themes of trust and love come up in the lyrics ” You gotta Let me know if I can be your Joseph.”

As the song concludes the audience is left guessing as we learn of the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Kanye West sings in code, one can’t help but wonder if one of the wolves is T. Swift.





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