Kabarak University partner with House of Procurement on supply chain training


Logistics, Procurement Solutions company House of Procurement (HOP) has opened up a training partnership with Kabarak University with a view to building a Supply Chain Business School of Africa (SCBSOA) .

HOP is a Supply Chain, Logistics, and Procurement Company and a Professional Buying Organization with offices in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria. Group Managing Director Benard Odote said that the reason for this was because the Logistics, Procurement, and Supply Chain profession is fast growing in terms of demand for talent. However, the people doing or starting the courses in various institutions, face a direct challenge in that very few globally experienced supply chain experts, support this demand. “We then end up with poorly equipped employees, collapsed businesses and failed Government functions.” The key objective of HOP and HOP Academy is to demonstrate the critical role played by the Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain (LPS) functions in businesses, governments, NGOs and general economic development.

HOP hopes to additionally reveal the challenges, problems, downturns, and reasons behind the non- performances and collapses of multiple businesses and projects, both in private and public sectors. According to Mr. Odote, the poor Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain (LPS) management and focus as well as insufficient or lack of qualified and experienced LPS professionals, contribute to at least 70% of all failed business and below standard public services. This is why HOP has partnered with global international institutions such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The European Institute of Purchasing Management, Zaragoza Logistics Center, Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management (SIPMM), Malaysian Institute of Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) as well as COMPRARA Australia to launch this Business School across Africa.

HOP and Kabarak University are working and keen to partner with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other various development Partners to deliver the best in class Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Capacity Building, Training and Education initiatives and programs to ensure sufficient competency in the profession for the achievement of Sustainable Economic Growth, Business, and Government Performance plus Governance.



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