Did K.O.T uncover the motives of the Meru University student killing?


After news of the brutal killing of a Meru University student representative Evans Njoroge became public, the internet has been awash with comments of disgust over police brutality.

As Meru University students held a riot in protest of increased tuition fees, they could not have imagined what the outcomes of the day would be. The protests that were held yesterday 27th February, disrupted traffic on the busy Meru-Maua road and were met with heavy resistance from police.

According to Standard Media, witnesses narrated the harrowing events stating “two police officers pursued the deceased to a private compound at Karebe Village and shot him in the head as he fled.” Students, parents and concerned members of the public shared their views on the matter, with many calling to question the extreme measures undertaken by the police.

Other students shared their experiences under the hands of the notoriously rogue police service.

As the brutal killing of the youngster continues to fuel discussion, it remains to be seen if any action will be taken against the rogue police officer who took the life of Evans Njoroge. In the meantime, many suspect the action of the police was undertaken on the basis of tribe.

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