K.O.T reacts to Lisa Gaitho’s video with the best must-see Cardi B memes, to get you over hump-day


Cardi B’s career has skyrocketed since the release of the track “Bodak Yellow.” Now, an award-winning rapper, the former stripper has gained lots of fan love due to her larger than life personality. With a bold smile and an authentic personality, Cardi B continues to be the subject of some of the internet’s best memes. The memes began with one she posted on her Instagram account, however, it seems the memes have taken on a life of their own.

YouTuber and blogger Lisa Gaitho released a video on 24.7.2018, giving women advice on how to keep their men (sponsor) happy, to keep receiving gifts and favors. Listing a number of  unrealistic duties women should perform, including bathing their significant others; it was not long until women and men alike aired their reactions to the controversial video.

With recommendations such as bathing their men and giving them high praise to massage their egos, it was clear that Ms. Gaitho’s video caught the attention of many on the internet. K.O.T saw the silver living and capitalized on the poor advice, all for a chance to create the perfect Cardi B memes.



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