Justin Bieber sued for allegedly using the N-word during a 2016 fight


Justin Bieber is being sued by the man he got into a scuffle in 2016.

The 24-year-old singer was caught on camera two years ago when he engaged in a heated confrontation with Tobias Cannon whilst in Cleveland after Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals, when Tobias threw a light blow to Justin’s head, causing the singer to respond with a punch of his own.

And now, according to TMZ, Tobias is believed to have filed a lawsuit in LA against the ‘Sorry’ hitmaker, claiming the singer was responsible for injuries Tobias sustained during the brawl.

Tobias’ lawsuit comes just over a year after he filed a police report about the altercation, claiming he was trying to settle with Justin, but that the star wasn’t co-operating. According to the The Daily Mail, a source told The Blast that the racial slurs included the ‘N-word.’

Following the scuffle two years ago, Justin took some time out of the spotlight in order to “get away from it all” and recollect his thoughts.

A source said at the time: “Justin has been really feeling the pressure in the last few weeks. He still loves performing for his fans and creating, but this tour has been a little like a pressure cooker. He’s already stopped meet and greets and pictures with fans but he is still feeling stifled.

“He has talked about getting away from it all, seeing the wider world and relaxing. The idea is for him to travel the world seeing some of the greatest cities and exotic places around like a backpacker would. But obviously with an unlimited budget of a multi-millionaire.”




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