Julie Gichuru Roasted Once Again Thanks To KOT ( Tweets Included)


Kenyan public figure Julie Gichuru tweeted on the eve of election day, however it seems that her sentiments were not  well received among Kenyans online. In fact, the tweet exposed the fragmented, partisan electorate ahead of the repeat elections. Themes of poverty, partisan politics as well as ineffective governance were echo through the comments revealing that Kenyans may truly hold diverse ideas on the election.

Reacting to the post, many did not hesitate to give the former Television anchor a reality check. With the tweet receiving over  400 retweets and replies, it gained unprecedented traction online that reveals the prevailing thoughts of many during this repeat election.

Some went on to hint  at Gichuru’s lineage:


The conversation also highlighted the the gap between rich and poor as motivations for the vote:

Others threatened to boycott her projects:


Either way, it seems that during this time of intense political tension, one must chose their words wisely.



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