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Juliani claims he is a better MC than Octo, Kaka, Khaligraph combined



A few months ago, we were treated to a viral tweef between two heavyweight rappers in the United states of America. The Meek Mill vs Drake’s tweef immediately went viral with memes, vines, articles, and videos being posted online with fans weighing in on who was the winner. What followed up were a set of diss tracks from Meek and Drake. Meek’s sister even helped his brother out when Drake’s blows turned too hot to handle.

It seems that the Kenyan hip hop heavyweights are also courting an online tweef. While the motive is not yet known, Juliani called out King Kaka, Octopizzo and Khaligraph on Twitter saying he is the best but Octopizzo was the first one to respond. Juliani updated a photo of King kaka, Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo with the following tweet;

It must have hit Octopizzo harder than a Gor Mahia fan’s rock. After that, he collected whatever was left of himself and tried to fire back through the following tweet: “hahaha you wish, ama you excluding me. Coz I got more bars than the Global prisons & Clubs put together ”


However, Juliani seems to have been armed to the teeth with enough artillery to annihilate the rapper from Kibera. He used Octopizzo’s response and created wordplay out of it:

Octopizzo responded by calling out Juliani for a real bars spit fight in his home studio.

However, while he hoped that the tweet would have calmed Juliani down, the rapper from Dandora responded through a condescending tweet, daring the three of them in one track for it to be a fair fight:

“Sina studio kwa nyumba I like paying & making others make money. I need the 3 of you together ndio itakua fair fight.”

The exchange between Juliani and Octopizzo continued while King Kaka and Khaligraph stayed away from the boxing ring. But when King Kaka, who has branded himself as the true legitimate King tried to throw a jab, but he fell short. Check out the tweets below and let us know who the real King is!


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