Jua Cali Disses Kaz Lucas’ Marriage Proposal


Kaz Lucas just got called out.

In a recent post on her Instagram, the former Project Fame contestant joined in on the viral #ForTheDick challenge. The challenge which has seen Gabrielle Union, Erykah Badu and even TLC’s T Boz join has seen many women join the online trending topic.

Not one to be left behind, Kaz also joined the bandwagon. In her post, she listed the things she would for sex with lyrical prowess and even better punchlines. Her rap included some entertaining content including lines such as “…Like Erykah Badu I would eat meat for the d*ck Turn around an give you a treat for the d*ck, Naomba serikali for that d*ck, I would marry Jua Cali for the d*ck…”


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The rap challenge that was filled with sexually innuendos and hilarious lines did not board well for the celebrity. Known to be bisexual, Kaz is not shy about speaking about sex. Running a podcast titled “The Spread” it is not surprising that she freely speaks on what extent she would go for sex. However, Juacali may have taken the light-hearted challenge too far when he commented on her Instagram. Pointing our his marital status, the godfather of Genge may have taken out all the fun out of the challenge.





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