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Johnny Depp is Donald Trump


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In a newly released biopic, Johnny Depp plays Donald Trump . The spoof which is said to have been filmed in 4 days in early December 2015 is a hilarious mockery which has already had many in a chuckle.  The presidential candidate, billionaire and reality star Donald Trump is well played by Johnny Depp.

The political maverick is an outspoken candidate that has not shied away from proclaiming his contribution to the American business sector. The biopic is set in the 1980 about the time of Trump’s release of his best seller “Trump: The Art of The Deal”.  As the race to the White House heats up, this spoof is sure to be subject for debate. Trump is one candidate that presents his opinions apologetically and known to give radical solutions to some of America’s most poignant issues. He has previously mentioned his dislike for immigrants going as far as stating that he would deport all undocumented immigrants as well as declaring that he would “make America great again.”

Watch as Johnny Depp takes on Trump’s character in the spoof here.

Ivy Mang'eli
Ivy Mang'eli is a graduate of Daystar University. She is passionate about youth affairs and social development