Joho is a very bright student – Kampala University VC

As far as the Kampala University Senate is concerned, the degree award to Joho is genuine and it will neither revoke nor cancel it//CFM News

Kampala University Vice Chancellor Badru Kateregga referred Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho as ‘very bright’ when he confirmed the degree awarded by the institution to the Governor as authentic.

“This is a very bright student and that is why he managed to get a Second Upper class where others jumped with lowers and passes. The same was genuinely awarded and Kampala University Senate cannot and will not recall, cancel or revoke an award it deems valid,” said the VC at a press conference in Nairobi on Sunday.

“We wish to correct the distortions and falsehoods peddled thus far, by categorically stating that absolutely nobody and no authority in Uganda is vested or clothed with the legal power and mandate to recall or cancel or revoke Hassan Ali Joho’s degree apart from Kampala University’s Senate.”

He stated that other suggestions that any other body has revoked or is about to recall or cancel Joho’s degree is idle talk and stated that should be ignored.

He further observed that the resolution by the National Council for Higher Education is illegal and a court order has already been issued stopping it from implementing its resolution on the degree.

“We have a court order stopping the National Council from doing what it wants to do. We wish to be on record that the Council for Higher Education for clearly sinister motives, rushed to pass a resolution premising itself on nothing but an illegal CID report,” he stated.

“We wish to be on record that we have taken the necessary legal measures to protect our rights and to quash the above said excesses and abuse of the law and we shall not be deterred or derailed in our resolve.”

The Uganda National Council of Higher Education had recommended the withdrawal of the degree awarded to the Mombasa Governor which it said did not meet the required academic standard.

Documents from Kenya High Court showed that Joho took 42 course units while another document given to the CIID indicated that he took 45 units.

One document gave Joho a GPA of 4.19 and another 4.15.



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